2014 new book "Jade Quality Rating and Value Assessment" published in the market (Figure)

In February 2014, edited by Zhang Yuli and published by the Ministry of Land and Resources, the Jewelry Jade Jewelry Management Center (NGTC), the “Jade Quality Classification and Value Assessment” was officially published.

The Publishing Background of "Jade Quality Classification and Value Assessment"

Jadeite is an important jade variety, which not only has appreciation value, artistic value, but also has collectible value and economic value. With the economic development, China's jade market has expanded rapidly, and the jade purchase heat has been heating up, and the asset properties of jadeite have become increasingly apparent. Nowadays, people buy jade not only for appreciation, wearing, but also for collecting, preserving and investing. To this end, consumers not only require the recognition of the authenticity of jade, but also the quality and value of jadeite. The pawn, insurance and other industries associated with this also require the uniformity of jade quality evaluation and the normative value evaluation. Under the request of this situation, the Jewelry Management Center of the Ministry of Land and Resources under the leadership of Professor Zhang Yuli carried out and completed the development of the national standard of "Jadeite Classification" (GB/T23885-2009), and completed the "Jadeite" on this basis. The preparation of the book Quality Rating and Value Assessment.

The book is divided into three volumes. The book "Quality Classification of Jadeite" defines the definition and category of jadeite, focusing on the color grading evaluation, transparency grading evaluation, texture grading evaluation, clarity grading evaluation, quality grading evaluation, and jade quality factors and values ​​of jadeite. Relevance. The book "Jade Clay Process Evaluation" introduces the historical evolution and norms of the application design of jadeite raw materials, and elaborates on the basic principles of jadeite process evaluation and the contribution of processing technology to value. The next volume, "Evaluation of the Value of Jadeite", introduces the premise work of jadeite evaluation, common jade evaluation purpose, value type, jade evaluation procedure and basic principles, and focuses on the application of market law and cost method in jadeite value evaluation and related examples. . The book system interprets the quality of jade raw materials, the quality of the process and the relevance of the market to the value of jade.

The Publishing Significance of "Jade Quality Classification and Value Evaluation"

The publication of the book "Jadeite Quality Grading and Value Assessment" is in the forefront of today's work. It is the first place for the classification and evaluation of jadeite, so that jadeite can be as well-recognized as diamonds, and it is also the norm for jade industry. The foundation for healthy development has laid a solid foundation for the evaluation of jadeite value and has very important guiding significance.

First, learn from experience and scientific interpretation. For centuries, in the traditional jade industry, jade quality evaluation and value estimation has always been a kind of experience, and this valuable experience is often used as a secret trick, only passed down and inherited within the family. In the development of science and technology today, it is feasible to use modern testing methods and research methods to test, analyze and study the components of jadeite quality. The experience of jade quality evaluation will be gradually scientific, systematic and unified. "Jadeite Quality Grading" is a further interpretation of the jade grading national standard, which will provide jade operators and consumers with a more systematic and scientific jade quality grading standard.

Second, the level of craftsmanship determines the value. The design and processing technology of jade plays an important role in the value composition of jade products. The high-quality craft can be flat and magical. It gives the value of jade products far beyond the value of raw materials. Therefore, "Jade Clay Process Evaluation" from the characteristics of jade raw material process, color application in jade raw materials, transparency application, texture application, etc., jade processing design in the shape, composition and jade honing process, jade polishing process and other aspects Reveal the basic requirements and principles of jade design and processing. These basic requirements and principles will provide a basis for the quality evaluation and process value evaluation of jade products.

Third, special assets are assessed. With the development of the market economy, the asset properties of Jadeite are increasingly apparent. The purchase of jade is not simply for appreciation and wear, but also for collection, preservation and investment. Jadeite has become a special asset, accompanied by the evaluation of jadeite value. The scope of demand continues to expand and increase, such as the needs of Emerald Insurance assessment, the need for evaluation of the emerald pawn, the demand for jade tax assessment, the trading of jewelry companies, and the need for financing assessment. According to the basic requirements of China's asset evaluation criteria, combined with the characteristics of jade evaluation, the author reviews the premise work of jade evaluation and counts the jade auction data of major auction markets in China in recent years. These are registered assets. The appraisers (jewelry) provide practical help in the jade assessment business.

The book has a clear concept, a clear hierarchy, rich content, smooth language and rich pictures. It is not only a rare tool for jewellery and jade scientific research workers, jade identification and evaluation professional and technical personnel, but also a supplementary teaching material for teachers and students of jewellery and jade in colleges and universities, and a reference book for jade business people. It is a practical and instructive desk. Preparation for the book.

The book is published by the Geological Publishing House and is packaged in soft hardcover. The book has 1.6 million words and 16 books.

Pricing: 568 yuan / set (three sets), sold by "China Gems" magazine.

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