Long section of the jacket and scarves with how

Slightly tall girls pick up a lot of long bed in the coat, you can highlight the length of the legs and enchanting body line, with a long jacket is relatively short-term clothing is a relatively simple, because profile length , You can cover the inside collocation, most of the trousers with bottoming socks. So in the cold winter, long section of the jacket and scarf should be how to match?


Sea Jia Shi- Class Women

Coat is the most common coat autumn and winter coat, fur collar is also more common stitching, the most attractive is its unique tailoring, opening to both sides of the arc cut, like a blossoming daffodil, elegant and charming. With exotic scarves with, so that women's soft and romantic feelings.


Sea Jia Shi-Class Women

A blend of black down jacket with the most classic elegance, black and white checkered pattern stitching the most unique, long section of the Slim style to show tall figure, a blue scarf with, so cool blue Pure color and white to fusion, is the embodiment of a beautiful angel.

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