Valentine's Day gift selection wants high-end atmosphere to send jewelry

"I need to eat more than 300 yuan for a meal, 500 yuan for a bunch of flowers, and 200 yuan for a movie. The cost of a day is over 1,000 yuan. If you still send jewelry and add another thousand dollars, you must ask her to be happy. This must be passed." Just after the Spring Festival, the Eastern Lantern Festival and the Western Valentine's Day overlap on February 14th, just as Mr. Liang lamented that Valentine's Day spending is more than 10 times more than usual, and the “couple economy” is stimulating every business. The nerves of a consumer. Are you ready for your Valentine's Day gift?

Valentine's day jewelry

High-end atmospheric type: send gold jewelry

The Spring Festival holiday has come to an end, and the gold jewellery market that is being promoted is still in the market. The Lantern Festival and Valentine's Day, which follow, the continuous price concessions cannot be ignored. This is a good thing for men who want to buy jewelry for “her”. . Yesterday, in the Tianhe business circle visited, before and after Valentine's Day, the price of various gold jewelry stores is particularly high, such as Chow Tai Fook's diamond inlaid goods 8.8 fold, platinum or color gold 8.5 fold; Liu Fu's inlaid goods over 100 yuan to send 20 yuan , gold work fee 50%; Xie Ruilin Valentine's Day special series 8.5 fold, platinum, K gold ring over 500 yuan to send 100 yuan; diamond family full replacement for limited edition K gold diamond pendant.

Romantic essential: send roses

Valentine's Day is always a rose, men who want to buy flowers to send "her" have to spend this year. The visit found that the price of roses in the terminal market in Guangzhou ranged from RMB 10 to RMB 35 per kilometer. Compared with Christmas, the price increased by 0.5 to 2 times; the bouquets that have been matched are 6, 9, 11, and 13 The price ranges from 180 yuan to 525 yuan.

In a flower shop in Zhengjia Plaza, the price of roses is 28 yuan / branch, the clerk said, "Affected by the reduction of Kunming rose production, the rose sold at 18 yuan / branch at Christmas rose 10 yuan." In addition, a high-end in Taikoo Hui Supermarket flower area, a rose price of 35 yuan, the clerk revealed, "Because this year's flowers are tight, there will be no scattered flowers on Valentine's Day, it is best to book 3 days in advance."

If you want to come up with something new, the high-end cake e-commerce brand honey cake will be launched in the Valentine's Day product "Lollipop Cake Bouquet", the lollipop cake and flowers bunched together for sale, is a good choice, the price is 520 Yuan/Bundle.

Affordable: Send chocolate

One of the must-have gifts for Valentine's Day - chocolate, this year also ushered in a wave of price cuts. From the major supermarket chains in Guangzhou, more famous brands, such as Dove, Jindi, Ferrero and other gift boxes have promotional prices, 5 yuan to 10 yuan cheaper than the original price, such as a price of 42.8 yuan Ferrero results Wafer chocolate 8 capsules, the sale price is only 36.8 yuan; In addition, Carrefour Wanguo store, 20% discount on imported chocolate. "This year's chocolate promotion is much more than the same period last year." AEON's Meisi 佰乐 supermarket said, "The price of the product has not only not risen, but it is much cheaper."

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