Natural crystal with a driving effect

Natural Crystal

Amethyst: The energy of amethyst corresponds to the "eyebrow" in the seven rounds of the human body.

Put amethyst on the workbench and desk to help your individual thinking and creativity, even memory. The development of the "eyebrow" will fully enhance the individual's "wisdom" and will strengthen the "self-healing" ability of all parts of the body, that is, comprehensive physical health.

More close to amethyst, for example, to sit still and often wear amethyst ornaments, can make a personal "gas field", "purple" in particular, to enhance popularity, more encounters with nobles.

In terms of spirituality, the development of the "eyebrow", that is, the function of the "third eye" will also be strengthened, then the personal "vision" will be broadened. It is also the lucky stone of the birth of the Western calendar in February.

Citrine: The production of citrine is less, and it is a precious crystal. The energy of citrine corresponds to the "sun wheel" in the seven rounds of the human body. An energy center that best supports the "self." Therefore, wearing more citrine ornaments can enhance self-confidence and increase your self-standing position. It also helps to promote gastrointestinal health, strengthens wealth, and is also the lucky stone of the birth of the Western calendar in November.

More close to the citrine, can enhance the yellow part of the individual "gas field". Huang Guang is the most powerful manifestation of the "object". Therefore, the energy of citrine is very strong, corresponding to matter and wealth.

The use of citrine is very extensive, such as wearing accessories (earrings, pendants, mesons, bracelets) and so on. Or place citrine in the correct position of the company or office building. Even, often holding a citrine ball, sitting in the same meditation and so on. The use of citrine to enhance partial wealth often has unexpected effects.

Green Ghost: "Green Ghost" represents the wealth of the cause. One of the reasons, apart from the fact that it is green, the energy of the green ghost is originally corresponding to the "heart round". Therefore, it can make a person's mind broad, more accepting new things, and actively create and develop new ways. Therefore, for the cause of the individual, whether it is attacking or defending, there is great help, and "wealth" will naturally accumulate.

Green Ghost is the lucky stone of the birth of the Western calendar in May.

In a nutshell, Green Ghost is a crystal that promotes prosperity and personal career. It can be placed in the office to increase business operations and put it in front of computers to reduce radiation.

Pink crystal: rose crystal, hibiscus crystal, powder crystal, rose quartz, many of these names are actually another name for pink crystal. No matter which name you use, it works the same: "the best stone of feelings."

The energy of "Rose Crystal" corresponds to the "heart wheel" in the seven rounds of the human body. Help balance the "thymus" and strengthen the health of the heart and lungs. Relaxed and tense emotions, close to or often wearing the "Rose Crystal" ornaments, can enhance the pink light in the individual's gas field, and thus will be particularly concerned by the opposite sex, that is, the attraction to the opposite sex, the emotional movement is particularly smoothly.

"Rose Crystal" can also help children maintain a cheerful state of mind and reduce their inferiority. It can be placed on the desk and under the bed or under the pillow. The energy of "Rose Crystal" is soft and comfortable, and does not affect sleep.

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