What influenced the color of the South Red Agate

The color of the South Red Agate is an important criterion for evaluating the value of the South Red Agate. The price difference between the different colors of the South Red Agate is believed to be clear to those who play Nanhong. So what is the difference between the Sou

The use of quartz

Quartz is one of the most widely distributed minerals on the earth's surface, and its use is also quite extensive. In the Stone Age, people used it to make simple tools such as stone axes and stone arrows to hunt for food and fight against enemies. Piezoelectric quartz

Identification of South Red Agate still needs experienc…

Nowadays, the fake goods in Nanhong are very common in the market. Whether you choose South Red Agate in the formal store or the wholesale market, you need to study it carefully. There are many ways to buy South Red Agate. When you are a newbie, it is best to find a friend

Quality South Red Agate work

The history of the South Red Agate has a long history, so it also contains a lot of jade culture unique to China. Wearing the South Red Agate symbolizes people's good expectations for their own life and life. The carving of the South Red Agate is more ornamental than t

Farewell heavy coat warm spring fashion spring wear

The weather in March, the temperature began to pick up, the wardrobe of clothing is also updated, fashion sense is not clear sharp men, season is the big time of purchase, then what style of spring is not easy to obsolete What? Today Xiaobian recommended several new men's spring for you and wit

Fashion Brand Opening Ceremony 2015 Spring Summer Fashi…

Opening Ceremony released the LookBook for Spring/Summer 2015. This season was endorsed by American actor and model Chloë Sevigny, photographer David Perez Shadi. Rubber Bushing Seal Silicone Shock Absorber Rubber Damper, also known as Shock Absorber, Isolator, and NBR grommet, N

Plump mature women wear what brand of fat ladies brand …

Now that the quality of life is good, the friends of middle-aged and old people begin to slowly develop their own body so that some clothes can not be worn. So now if the market can meet the needs of this group of dressing it? Xiaobian recommend to everyone: fat wife . Fat wife brand was establ