Xi Li fashion brand women's fall 2012 new listing

Xi Li fashion brand women's autumn 2012 new listing! "RedChery (Xi Li)" a French high-end casual women's brand , is now entering the Chinese market to establish headquarters in mainland China, design, production and sales of "" brand of senior women's casual wear an

Admiral Costume 2012 autumn and winter theme interpreta…

Mo Man ----- modern fashion Zhuo Man . Climb the peak of fashion, we never stop. Mo Man to the four major themes "pastel Mo Man", "vitality Mo Man", "gmo Man", "drunk cool Mo Man" to interpret this season's popular fashion. Binman Bin Man women's 20

Yu feather feather metro men will be a new beat

When we are exhausted for life, life has gone away from us. Endless fast-paced life has brought us rich material returns, but also brought psychological anxiety, mental fatigue and health deteriorating. We have to stop to reflect on the meaning of our own lives and thus pursue a "slow life&quo

Valentina leads a luxurious lifestyle

Borrowing from Kohle Yohannan : " She was the first designer not only to design a red carpet, but she is also part of the red carpet. " She was the first designer to be a star-studded designer, New York's, the beauty from Ukraine on a large number of popular star, her dress and creat

Marcuss McCarthy Men's new fashion liberal dress co…

McCarthy men's clothing originated in Italy simple and elegant, elegant and noble concept of apparel, a large number of selected materials on the application of Europe's first-tier brand suppliers the latest and highest quality fabrics, McCarthy brand continues to be European and Asian co

伊思贝得 children's wear colorful children'…

Children's world, colorful; children's clothing, bright and beautiful. 2012 Yi Si Bei De children's clothing firmly grasp this point, in the design of clothing with a variety of colors, and strive to show unlimited charm in the limited space. Most widely used in the outward expansion of

Sexy Thong Seduction Supermodel Lina Posada Shoots Besa…

The lingerie brand Besame released its new collection of spring and summer 2012. Continuing the brand's consistent sexy line and inviting supermodel Lina Posada to participate in the brand's lookbook. This season's flagship design elements: delicate lace, shiny gems, and sexy animals.