Can smell the lobular rosewood? real or fake?

The lobular rosewood is getting more and more fire, and the fake imitations are endless! The taste can also recognize the lobular rosewood! This is the most direct and effective way! The simplest way to distinguish the blood sandalwood and the lobular rosewood in Zambia is

2015 autumn and winter fashion trends: Korean style

The charm of Korean women's wear is that it has a variety of styles, and it is also an Asian country. The tailoring and design of clothes are more in line with our body shape and have a better wearing effect than European and American clothing. When autumn comes, let's take a look at what K

Lace and print occupy half of New York Fashion Week

Core Tip: New York Fashion Week is coming to an end in spring and summer 2016, and New York shows such as Givenchy, Jason Wu, Alexander Wang, and Diane von Furstenberg have been staged. From this season's trend, printing, butterflies, and lace are still the focus of this season, and most b

How to Recycle PP Woven Bags

1 What is discussed here is ""recycling of bags," "plastic wastes that are suitable for the production of "bags." This is a single species of waste, which requires a relatively high demand, cannot be mixed with other varieties of plastics, and can not contain sediment,

张帅Zhang Shuai × Eral 艾莱依羽绒服

Zhang Shuai × Eral “Time of the Eyes” down jacket was exposed in advance. This time, Ilayee invited the photographer of a famous fashion magazine in China to go hand in hand, and “Love the Supermodel” make-up modeling team and costume editors of famous fashion magazines

The dream of the emerald of the East is not understood …

In big auction houses in London, New York and Hong Kong, people often go around with excitement and secrets to find out if there is an "emerald" - something that is called jade by the Chinese. Emerald is the queen of Yuzhong, known as the "God of Heaven&quo

CNE 2015 autumn and winter footwear interpretation of n…

This site September 8 hearing, simple design outlines each pair of excellent texture of shoes, plus a variety of popular colors, although not complicated for each pair of shoes but also show fashion charm, this is the CNE 2015 autumn and winter series . The color of autumn and winter is biased to