2015 winter down jacket 2015 winter down jacket new ser…

I heard that the country will have to cool down next week, Xiaobian really worried at this time. In front of the coat has been constantly recommended to everyone, for a moment neglected to forget the recommended cold warm artifact: down jacket. In the winter of 2015, what styles of down jacket wil

YOLSO still show women pay for their own word of mouth

YOLSO is still advocating a unique ladylike culture, with elegant elegance and fashion romance as the two major design themes for the city's intellectual women to create a kind can not only feel the love of the moment as slightly sweet charm, but also highlight the workplace Elegant and capabl

The style of the closet are ready?

Women's wardrobe will always be less than one piece of clothing, women's wardrobe is always missing. Not the same style, different styles, different colors, different ... In short, all kinds of different want to have. What color we first do not say, we should first prepare some styles of d

Sleeveless dress can be equipped with vest skirts + win…

Sleeveless dress looks like a useless design, poor wear, but in fact it is more practical than you think, wear or outside wear, it can make you minutes into focus. In that case, hurry to come to see Tiger , sleeveless dress in the grace of the winter it. Used to spend flowers Floral kind of wom

Sweater chain can not be taken according to sweater sty…

As the weather gets colder, MM also wear a warm sweater, this time for the bump shape, we will most likely choose a sweater chain to match, but the sweater chain is not easy to take, but also according to style Oh! If it is like this itself with a shirt collar sweater, you can choose a double short

Have a coat do not have to worry about what to wear in …

This winter, what is the basic models, a stylish look and warm coat really deserved. Although the style of coat is more or less the same, but as long as you have a slightly different and then through a clever mix, enough to make you stand out from the crowd. With Blink gallery coat, no longer have

Visual identification of similar gemstones

Under the objective conditions of the right place and the right place, many people can see the same jewel from different angles. You can see N colors. Is this jewel a street neon, changing its color independently? Or are everyone blinded? In fact, it is not, the truth is