Curtain fabric purchase method

Curtain fabric purchase method

Curtains are one of the most important soft decorations in home decoration. Curtains of different styles and shades can create different home decoration effects. If you want to make your home have a good decorative effect, you should never neglect the choice of curtains. Many homeowners only look at the color of the curtains when choosing curtains, but ignore the size of the curtains. It is not known that the size of the curtains has a significant influence on the final decorative effect of the curtains.

First, the material of the curtain

Generally speaking, the living room, bedroom and study room can choose curtains of the same material. If the owners don't want to choose thick materials or light materials for the curtains, the most suitable one is to choose double curtains, the inner layer is light and light curtains, such as nylon. Silk, thin roving and mesh fabric, the outer layer is thick curtains, such as corduroy, woolen cloth and gold velvet, so that the curtains can be easily changed according to the season and the weather.

Second, the color of the curtain

The living room and study curtains are best to choose bright colors. This color will make people feel refreshed, easy to create a bright atmosphere, which is good for friends to talk to and occupants to work and study; the bedroom is best to choose warm shades of curtains, this color It is easy to create a warm atmosphere, which is good for people to rest and sleep.

Third, the quality of the curtain

After selecting the materials and colors of the curtains, the owner needs to check the quality of the curtains. This requires the owners to check the characteristics of the fabrics before purchasing. Look at the curtain fabrics you have purchased. Whether it meets the characteristics of the fabric you have seen before, if it is met, you can pay for it.

Fourth, the size of the curtain

The size of the curtain is not simple, as long as it can cover the window. If the length of the curtain is smaller than the width, there will be no good decorative effect. Generally speaking, the length of the curtain is better than the width. If the size of the window is large, the owner can hang a few slender curtains on the large window, which will look better than hanging a large and wide curtain.

Five, buy curtains precautions

1. Some curtains require high dimensional accuracy. It is recommended that customers measure after the floor, tile, and bay window marble decking is completed.

2. The dust generated during the installation of the curtains is very small, and the user does not have to worry about the cleaning problem caused by the installation. Considering the cleaning of the curtain fabric, the timing of the curtain installation should be selected after the decoration of the room is completed. However, considering the design and production of the curtains requires a certain amount of time, in order to be able to stay in time, comfortable, it is best to be customized about 15 days in advance.

3, the color of the window screen is relatively light, but the perspective is too strong, you can add a layer of backing cloth behind the window screen. According to your own needs, you can do it together or you can separate it.

4, the price of the double pole of the curtain rod will double, so if you only choose the window screen, you can put the two layers of cloth together and hang a single rod, which saves the cost and does not affect the appearance.

5. When calculating the total amount, be sure to check with the merchant whether all the necessary cloths, accessories, tracks, etc. have been counted. Otherwise, after paying the deposit, it is possible to receive a phone number of something.

Six, curtain selection skills

Shop around, learn to bargain: After the price of various accessory accessories for curtains is in the bottom, when you buy these things, you don’t have to listen to the price of the owner. Try to shop as much as possible, and choose the most suitable store. Start again and push the price to the right level.

Online Taobao benefits: Many curtain shop products are expensive in terms of rent and decoration. Do not want to buy high-priced consumers, may wish to look at the Internet store, according to the reporter, the price of many accessories on the Internet is lower than the physical store.

Looking for people to process: In fact, curtain processing is not a difficult technical activity, but it is just a walk-through line, the general tailor shop can do it. If you are afraid of being shackled by the curtain shop, you can also consider buying fabrics, tapes, hooks or curtain rings in the most affordable store, and get the tailor shop to find someone to process.

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