What type of male first day of work wear hit the color jacket clever collocation

Stitching collision color This design style in men's wear this year can be seen everywhere, from men's jackets to men's leather jackets, down jackets, can see stitching hit color design elements. Stitching design, often from the collision of different materials, clothing or clothing color collisions, to achieve the style of collision, making the original simple costume full of new life. VJC-Vests 2013 autumn and winter series of gray-green and indigo color mosaic stitching jacket, color complementarity and thus appear harmonious. Looks very fine little stand-collar relaxed, more relaxed casual style, of course, let you in the winter warmer. Then gentlemen have become more casual and casual. Can be used with dark-colored slacks. VJC-Winner 2013 autumn and winter series of thick leisure need some wool material stitching to break the dull, improve quality, choose light gray and dark blue so calm color, but not heavy, style is also a very generous choice, and innovative . The whole configuration with a show of aristocratic temperament and mature man's fashion charm.

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