What to buy girls clothes knitted sweaters and down jacket right?

To buy clothes for girls, of course, to jump bright color Oh. Beautiful childhood, it should be a colorful and colorful. Like a down jacket and knit cardigan, are unavoidable single product oh. The following is a description of the two single items are stylish hot ladies like to girls to buy style Oh, look together. Watermelon red, the color of the skin, the little girl's color set off pink and charming. Fine knit, high quality material, giving a top-ranking upper body effect. Generous pocket decoration, a very graceful atmosphere. Coupled with a white turtleneck and black bow Slim pants, take the white outer boots, it is avant-garde. This rouge pink jacket is also very lovable Oh. Striped outline, very self-cultivation warmth. High-end fabrics, exquisite cut, looks very texture. With a black turtleneck and wave point pants, the overall is very pretty. Court doll children's clothing, concerned about the healthy development of children's fashion. Picture comes from: Zhongge doll children's clothing

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