How to distinguish the color of jade

The classification of jade has two aspects: mineralogy and traditional understanding. In mineralogy, jade is divided into jade and nephrite. Jadeite refers to jade with a hardness of 6.75-7 degrees and a specific gravity of about 3.3. If jadeite is jadeite. The soft jade has a hardness of 6-6.5 degrees and a specific gravity of 2.96-3.17. Nephrite includes Hetian jade, jade jade, and Nanyang jade. Most of the jade articles we often say are made of nephrite. Jade articles on the traditional concept also include turquoise, green gold, coal fine, wood stone, agate, malachite, white jade and so on. In terms of jade color, the ancients believed that jade has nine colors and eleven colors. Give a variety of different colors to a lot of beautiful names. Regarding the various disputes between the various factions of the jade, the differences that are limited to the narrow experience of the individual, the key is that there is no uniform standard. Mineral rock is actually not very pure single color, it is less color, it is subdivided into colors, sometimes there are two or three different colors on a piece of jade, generally taking its main color. call.


There are two kinds of green jade and green jade. One is the green of jade, the color is tender as the new willow; the other is the jasper in nephrite, the color is dark green, with dark blue, and the jasper is dark green. Light green and ink star (the jade is full of black spots, commonly known as freckle) and white spots are mixed, and green is like the autumn leaves called vegetable jade, which is the best in green jade.

Black jade, the color of black paint is called jade jade, which is the ancient jade jade. The ink jade is very clear and can be used as a mirror. The ink jade is often slightly green. Black and white, gray and gray, also known as gray jade, the next product in the ink jade, the ink jade texture is relatively rare.

Sapphire, the ancients called green and blue as green. Sapphire refers to jade with a light green color in white. The distinction between sapphire and white jade is more difficult, so it is generally referred to as blue and white jade. It is a jade with a large amount of jade in various colors.

Topaz, with the best color of steamed corn, is called “Gan Huangyu”. Some jade have pearls, and topaz is yellow, and there is a color such as syrup, also known as sugar jade.

White jade, white is also a more common jade color, smooth and delicate, color like fat is called sheep fat white. It is the most expensive of white jade, and other white jade has oil color, cold color, etc., which is slightly inferior in white jade.

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