Chinese New Year candy color dress Mummy's Star candy-colored cotton with

Candy color, with the literal meaning we know is the color of candy, candy color before the various colors have a special look good, but now have a candy-colored clothing has become full of bright, Mummy Star Chinese New Year candy color wear Ride, New Year's Day immediately, the mothers for the children ready for the Spring Festival wear it? If you have not, there Mummy Star too! Candy colored cotton dress to get the holiday wear. Mummy Star Candy-colored cotton dress costume, fluorescent green and pink two colors are very fresh and clear, bid farewell to the winter boring candy color, the Spring Festival will no longer be the only red line to feel the festive atmosphere, these two Bright section of cotton padding is also very attractive, with shorts, leggings solid color and mix and match the elements of the very trend. Mummy Star children's clothing is also a casual fashion sense, the winter dull more than one color, so that the winter is no longer cold, the Spring Festival warm heart dress selected Mummy Star children's clothing, candy-colored cotton with fashion elements, to create The most fashionable children wear outfit, mommy hurry to mommy star to see it.

Special Varieties Of Non-woven Fabric

Special varieties of non-woven fabric refers to the PP non-woven fabric production project to add some other auxiliary materials, change the characteristics of non-woven fabric, so that the non-woven fabric has some corresponding characteristics.
For example, the addition of anti-aging agents can effectively slow down the aging speed of non-woven fabrics in the natural environment, and extend the service life and number of use of non-woven fabrics.
For example, adding flame-retardant master batch makes the non-woven fabric have a certain blocking effect on the open fire. Flame retardant non-woven fabric can isolate the flame to a certain extent, block the direct contact between the open fire and flammable materials, and ensure the safety of products to a certain extent.

For example, by adding elastic agent in the production process of non-woven fabric, the horizontal and longitudinal tensile force of non-woven fabric can be magnified many times, and the softness can also be improved. This kind of high-elastic non-woven fabric can be used to make ear belts of masks, shopping bags and so on, which has a very good ductility.

In addition, non-woven cloth can also add water repellent and hydrophilic agent and other special reagents, change the characteristics of non-woven cloth, so that it can meet the needs of customers.

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