Talk about the collection and purchase of topaz

Hetian Huangyu, like a horoscope of a vast expanse of bright stars, shines in Hetian jade's galaxies. Its warm and tough texture, solemn and luxurious color, make the world admire. Hetian Huangyu represents solemnity, luxury, prosperity, happiness and auspiciousness, and is more able to ward off evil spirits. Its color, such as the afterglow of the sun, is regarded as a sacred color by Buddhism and the emperors of the past. Therefore, Hetian Huangyu has always been respected and favored by the world. In recent years, topaz is also one of the jade species that collectors pay close attention to. Because of its high value, it should be evaluated from the following three aspects when collecting:

First, the color of topaz: saturation and hue are two main aspects of measuring the color of topaz. High-value topaz requires pure color, high saturation and less mottle. If the color of the topaz is mixed with other colors, it will affect its perception and value.

Second, the jade of topaz: high-value topaz requires that its jade is warm and oily, with less splitting.

Third, the technology of topaz: a bright and bright, jade oily and superior topaz, coupled with exquisite craftsmanship, can make the charm of topaz more perfect, thus, it is very collectible.

When buying topaz, pay attention to a few tips:

First, observe its color. Generally speaking, the higher the color, the higher the quality, and the color is required to be pure, without mottle or slightly other colors. Secondly, pay attention to the structure of the topaz, whether it contains impurities, and observe whether the structure of the surface is intact, whether there are gaps or cracks, especially not by the naked eye, because some cracks are invisible to the naked eye. Finally, to distinguish its authenticity, some jade can be "turned into" topaz after radiation, and the value of artificial topaz is certainly no more than natural topaz, so be sure to purchase the topaz is pure natural. Because topaz is extremely rare and very precious, many people think that topaz will become the most convenient nephrite in the future.

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