2015 Dan Shi force brand new spring women with the recommended

The beginning of spring has passed, in astronomical sense, it marks the beginning of the spring. To the warm spring, it is necessary to wear fashionable spring, and perhaps last spring outdated, then it should add new members to the wardrobe! Xiaobian today recommended two pairs of Dan when the brand new spring women 's wear , take a look at it!


Macaron light purple long-sleeved dress, high waist version, plus a pleated skirt, to cover the small left over by winter fat, let you easily thin. With a pair of stylish high heels, was tall and perfect display of big long legs!


Sky blue thin woolen suit, without too much effort to create a sweet fashion girl. With a white shirt and light pink fish head high heels, so you enhance the sense of professional, cute and commuter girl.

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