Men's bright suit with men's suit how to take what style

What kind of clothing men wear more handsome? Xiao Bian here to introduce a men's brand, definitely let men know suit again. The suit is no longer the old-fashioned black, dark dress, nor is it a classic shirt with KIR men's bright colors within the suit style ride is quite bright Oh, take a look at it. Brown suit color is not very earth color it? However, not too handsome with Oh, KIR men's brown suit styles, this color can also be called khaki within a green shirt + sweater, the two colors are relatively attractive color, and this dress is absolutely very Attractive Men quickly KIR men look at it, as well as burgundy suits suit style, the wine how to match the color? Wine red in the autumn and winter is a more dazzling color, with a low-key point should be, but KIR men is different with others, is to make suit to create a trendy male fan, small red suit with a blue shirt + knit Shirt, this color is very good.

Men'S Windproof Warm Cotton-Padded Clothes

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