Underwear brand joining girl good friend Hello Kitty underwear

More than 30 years ago, a kitten was born in London, England, no one thought the cat can be swept the world. Today, the cat introduced a brand, Hello Kitty series of girls lingerie, with the usual sweet, elegant and lovely into the Chinese market ... ...


内衣品牌加盟 少女好朋友凯蒂猫内衣

Sweet, elegant and cute style of the fashion girl lingerie brand Hello Kitty , the new Rainbow Ribbon Female Living Museum to convey to the public a lovely, warm, stylish, natural feeling, both playful sweet innocence, but also modern modern .

Lace, pink, heart has always been a sign of girls, Hello Kitty designers to add this element in this season girl series. Such as fairy tales of sweet colors and heart-shaped printing, coupled with the cup bowl of lace embellishment, blooming thick girl feelings.

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