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July 18, the leading children's fashion brand Barra Barra is about to debut in Shanghai CBME children's wear show, will be the Balabara brand following the March Beijing International Clothing Fair, once again to the audience the largest single product children's booth shine debut. Paralyzed by fashion shows that took place in just two exhibitions, the leading fashion brand in children's clothing in Balabora is just like the tip of the iceberg. It is slowly opening its doors to fashion products, fashion marketing and cross-border cooperation. To the international children's fashion brand on the road has gone more practical. 1, the brand crossover fashion interaction Barra Barra brand marketing is one of the most active children's wear brand, as early as 2006, Barra Barra introduced Ogilvy & Mather brand housekeeper and became the first children's clothing brand in CCTV advertising. After 10 years of brand upgrading, Paraballa identified the direction of "professional and fashionable" brand in 2011. Then, through a series of brand actions, the industry saw the leading temperament of domestic fashion children's clothing DaCai. Since 2011, Barabara brand marketing has been demonstrated A variety of vitality and extraordinary creativity. In June 2011, Paraballa issued a brand declaration of "Let TA Play" on June 1 Children's Day. It packed six top players in different fields and held a grand fashion launching ceremony at the Shanghai Science and Technology Museum. "Let TA play" Brand marketing activities are also invited to active in the media, psychology expert Dr. Zhang Yiyun and fashion hot mom, Christie cross-border participation, the same period in the cool six video area and Moore Park set up a "Let TA play" network area, in a manner advocated by the brand declaration Three-dimensional cross-border brand integrated marketing. In October 2011, Barra Barra put the winter product package in a bigger fashion cross-border concept "Winter IN like", Barra Barra and the country's top eight fashion photographers launched a concept of cross-border fashion photography activities, Barrabara "Winter IN like" The event will be taken in locations selected in the African savannah, Turkey, Beijing and Shanghai and other trendy holy sites in the country thousands of terminal stores, Barra Barra also launched a "one hundred thousands of thousands of thousands of people," the theme of fashion photography experience, free fashion stylist invited And photographers for 1000 children fashion modeling and shooting experience, activities in microblogging over the same period, Paralympic "winter IN like" fashion photography activities by hundreds of thousands of consumers involved and loved. Balabara and different fashion areas of individuals or groups of cross-border attempt to create a fashion brand children's clothing industry, a new way of marketing, Balabala professional brand of children's fashion brand branded deep in the heart of consumers. 2, fashion blockbuster Miami April 2012, in major provincial satellite TV channels, children's channels, local channels and the Shanghai subway turns in a rich summer marine style commercials, excellent screen production and eye-catching models Clothing gives a fresh international sense of big. This is the "Summer in Miami Surf", the latest summer product theme commercial by Barra Barre who went to the beach in Miami, USA. Summer TVC is the first attempt of Barra Barra team with the international team, and all taken to the Miami Beach live viewfinder filming, "Miami surfing" TVC by the charge of BMW, GUCCI advertising blockbuster photographer patrick directed, Zhang Jing, modeling, shooting, Editors, producers and other teams to fully enable the international forces, some members of long-term cooperation with the United States Hollywood studios, has a very professional field of fashion work experience. When the "Miami Surf" blockbuster was presented to consumers, a large percentage of people were deeply captured by the blockbuster, international sense of style. Most of the consumer spending in the store is guided by a very attractive blockbuster, which is undoubtedly a very successful attempt for Barra Barra, and the vision of Barra Barra to create an international children's clothing brand will also become clearer and clearer The public's eyes. 3, cross-border product FOX Barra Barra create a brand-new decade, product upgrades and innovation is a bright spot. Now, Barra Barra has covered a wide range of products for children of all ages, children, infants and young children, with a wide range of categories including clothing, shoes, bags, underwear and accessories. Fall 2012 product, Barrabara is more in the hands of the United States FOX (Fox) companies, bold design of cross-border cooperation in product design. FOX is one of the top 6 movie studios in Hollywood. FOX, Titanic, Ice Age and Star Wars are all featured in FOX. The fall of 2012 will bring together FOX fashion cartoon family, effort to create FOX fashion cartoon series, with the fall of 12 new "elegant campus style" market, "The Simpsons" and "Rattle" two large-format cartoon images will also be together in the fall of Balabara New products. At that time, let's wait and see what FOX will bring to Barra Barra's sensational industry fashion topic. 4, professional fashion children wearing consultants Few people know, Barra Barra has a "fashion dream team", they and the famous French Béclair fashion design consulting firm, this "fashion dream team" shoulder the Barra Barra fashion advice Analysis, fashion buyer, fashion design collocation and children wearing consultants and other multiple roles. Most of the team members of "Fashion Dream Team" come from fashion capitals such as France, Britain and Hong Kong. Their figure often travels in major top fashion weeks in Paris, Milan, London and Florence, and their interpretations of the fashion hot spots of the season Help Barra Barla accurately grasp the trend of each quarter of international trends, to bring consumers the world of fashion options. Designer Joye is a core member of the team, her specialty is a keen sense of fashion sense of smell and creative collocation skills, according to her introduction, Barra Barra created by the professional fashion children's clothing system to ensure that every person in the chain may become a professional fashion Children wear consultants. At present, in some stores in Balabara, the new function of children wearing consultants is more and more praised by the Purchasing Guide. In the face of diversified styles and diverse styles of fashion products, consumers need the brand to provide such a professional and fashionable service. Is not the same as Barra Barra fashion big coffee road. The success of a fashion brand and is not overnight, especially in the children's clothing is such an emerging market. Paraballa seems to have found its own brand identity, a positive understanding of consumer demand, and use a series of marketing tools to promote the rapid development of the brand. Barra Barra, the fashion children's clothing big coffee road is on the road.

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