Beijia boutique lingerie presents a chic modern art

Beijia people through the romantic sexy, light and comfortable, psychedelic charm, ornate style and other comprehensive presentation of the new season of Beijia products to show the "Beijia" 2012 spring and summer underwear fashion and charm password.

Rich colors and delicate touch, creating a woman's mysterious, sexy. Fragrance elegant, mellow wine, will show each other's charm inadvertently.


Early spring miraculous memories embedded in fantasy words, evade the invisible moments between reality and fantasy, temptation of the dramatic scene full of mysterious charm, a distant dream. Whisper in the dark, romantic dreams and reality. For the fantasy plug in the wings of the trip.

贝佳人精品内衣 呈现出别致的摩登艺术

Vintage beauty, luxury reproduction, through the ornate baroque chapter, presents a chic modern art outline, as if on the body to show a romantic, beautiful picture ...

Downcoat is a jacket filled with Down stuffing and has a large round shape. Down clothes generally account for more than half of the down. At the same time, they can be mixed with some fine feathers. The down clothes can be cleaned, disinfected by high temperature, and then filled in the clothes.
Down Jacket has the best warmth retention. Most of them are worn by people in cold areas.

Down Jacket

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