A brand of romance to enhance a more refined quality of life

A romantic dress Co., Ltd. was established in 1994, located in the beautiful West Lake ---- Hangzhou. Is a specialized in fashion design and development, production and chain operations of the well-known enterprises, but also the first introduction of franchise in Hangzhou, franchising and successful garment enterprises. The company has set up branch offices or offices in the United States, South Korea, Austria and so on. It not only perceives the style and fashion elements of international leading fashion apparel in all directions, but also has brand footprints all over the country with large and medium-sized cities. By the end of 2006, more than 400 franchisees have been developed in Hangzhou international women's exhibition of well-known brand survey, ranked first place in women's well-known brands. Hangzhou Hangpai is a representative of the famous brand.


Romantic company in 2006 moved to the Economic and Technological Park in Hangzhou West Lake District, the new company exquisite modern decoration full display of its stylish, cutting-edge OFFICE style, create a trendy clothing industry in Hangzhou. Company covers an area of ​​5,000 square meters, plant area of ​​10,000 square meters, existing staff of 260 people, with a number of high efficiency and high quality production lines. Innovative fashion design concept, high quality, won Rmeo brand enthusiasts and domestic and foreign customers appreciation.

浪漫一身品牌女装 提升更精致的生活品位

A romantic team always healthy, upward, filled with a positive optimism. We have a master fashion cutting-edge fashion designer, display division; have a brilliant team of creative thinking; have the pioneering spirit of sales and strive to serve our franchisees, through continuous training and communication, the company's operating philosophy and design The concept is deeply rooted in the franchisee business philosophy, Rmeo stores to provide real exquisite service, and to create a comfortable and warm shopping experience. The company not only devotes itself to operating apparel products, but more importantly, it is creating more fashionable dressing methods and upgrading more refined living standards. Advocating scientific and advanced humanized operation and management mode, adhering to the brand concept of "life itself is very romantic" and creating a sunshine, healthy and optimistic concept of work and life.

Women's Jeans with Women'S Cotton Pants , Women'S Cotton Capris, Women's Cotton Shorts , , Women's Blended Pants, Women'S Blended Capris and Women'S Blended Shorts.  

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100%Cotton(Cotton+Spandex, Cotton+Polyster ,Cotton+Spandex+Polyester)


Garment Wash, Stone Wash, Enzyme Wash, Snow Wash,

Vintage Wash


Main Label, Flag Label, Size Label, Washing Label, Care Label, Metal Label, Decorative Label


Brass, Anti-Brass, Copper, Anti-Copper, Silver, Gun Metal,Pewter, colorful paint, emboss words, prints detail  etc


Brass, Copper, Silver, Bronze, Antique Copper,pewter etc


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Women's Jeans

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