New cotton national standard released in September

On July 22, the Fiber Inspection Bureau of Hebei Province organized a conference on the promotion and implementation of national cotton standards. It was announced that the 40-year cotton grade test method used in China will be replaced by color-level physical standards. The newly revised national standard GB1103 "Cotton Cotton" was released on September 1 this year and will be implemented on September 1, 2013.

The implementation of the new standards relates to whether the cotton quality instrumentation inspection index system and inspection method can be fully integrated with international practices. It is of great significance to improve China’s cotton quality assurance system, improve the competitiveness of China’s cotton and cotton textiles, and promote the healthy development of the cotton industry. .

The training of the national national standards for GB1103 cotton, led by the China Fiber Inspection Bureau and jointly with related departments, has been carried out in Hebei, Hubei and Xinjiang.

According to Chen Qinglin, director of the Hebei Provincial Fiber Inspection Bureau, the cotton standard is a mandatory standard with technical and managerial qualities and plays a very important role in cotton production, circulation, and trade. Compared with the original standard, the revision of the revised standard involves as many as 21 items, of which the abolition of grade and implementation of color grade are the core content of the standard, and it is also an important measure for the fiber detection system to be in line with international standards. It is also a test of cotton quality in China. An important part of the institutional reform.

After the newly revised cotton national standard implements the cotton color grading system, it will fully implement the instrument-by-package inspection of large bales into bales for cotton so as to fully realize the scientific and objective assessment of the inherent quality of cotton and promote the optimal allocation of cotton resources in China. And make full use of it, promote industrial upgrading, technological progress, reduce textile costs, improve textile quality, and promote the development of the cotton textile industry.

Xu Shuibo, chief engineer of the China Fiber Inspection Bureau, said that the main purpose of studying the cotton color grading system is to split the current “three conditions” of cotton grades, namely, maturity level, color characteristics, and the quality of the rolling mills, so as to meet the requirements for large bales. All kinds of quality indicators of cotton need to be instrumented. Whether it is possible to abolish cotton grade inspection as soon as possible and smoothly implement the cotton color grading system is related to whether the cotton quality instrumentation inspection index system and inspection method can be fully integrated with international practices.

According to relevant experts, the benefits of the new standard for the development of the cotton industry are reflected in three aspects: promoting the development of agricultural production, meeting the needs of the cotton circulation, and promoting the development of the cotton textile industry. At present, it is particularly important to improve the yield and quality of cotton under circumstances where there is unlikely to be a significant increase in cotton acreage. The new cotton standard will put cotton quality instrumentation inspection methods and assessment of the inherent quality of cotton in a more prominent position, which will help guide the agricultural sector to cultivate good varieties, help guide the cotton farmers in various high-quality cotton, and guide the cotton acquisition to implement high quality. Better prices, so as to achieve the purpose of promoting the improvement of cotton varieties, improving quality, and increasing the income of cotton farmers.

According to reports, the Fiber Inspection Bureau of Hebei Province began to participate in the national cotton color grading inspection and research work in 2005. In 2011, it established the nation’s first National Color Standard Development Center to undertake specific work on the production and distribution of China's cotton color-level physical standards.

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