Snow Bamboo · lead the new fashion of Chinese fashion underwear

The 12th China International Branded Apparel and Fashion Trade Fair will be held in Shenzhen from July 8 to July 10, 2012. Strive to create "China 's first brand of underwear fashion" brand enterprise - New Snow Bamboo International, this year will bring a new sub-brand - "Snow Bamboo life" continue to strongly debut this Fashion Fair.


The face of the wave of China's fashion trend, the public demand for underwear is no longer limited to the comfort of underwear wear, the traditional consumer underwear more and more faded out of high-end consumer groups in sight, advancing with the times, came into being Fashionable underwear turned out. Underwear Waichuan, from the inside out completely aesthetic, both inside and outside mashups and other fashion has started sweeping, a fashion darling new favorite.

As a fashion underwear advocate and pioneer - founded in 1991 XUEZHU brand, with sharp fashion sense first in China put forward the "fashion underwear, underwear Waichuan" pioneer concept. Adhering to the "simple, fashion, taste," the brand style, leading the trend of China's fashion underwear. For the Chinese high-end consumer groups, with a view to more valuable features to meet the continuous upgrading of China's fashion underwear high-quality needs. After more than 20 years of research and development evolution, integrating the design essence of many designers both at home and abroad, the products of Xueshu International finally formed a pattern of underwear and covering many kinds of products such as small underwear and other underwear.

Snow bamboo fashion underwear in the quality of building, the introduction of Europe's top fabrics, and well-known Japanese companies to develop new, functional fabrics, exquisite workmanship, focus on the pursuit of unobtrusive high-end taste and unrestrained simple experience.

Internationalization, urbanization, networking and fashion will be the new themes for the development of China's garment industry. From now on, Snow Bamboo International will, as always, improve the creative level of fashion underwear research and development, and create the brand culture and personality brand permeated with the target consumer group, enhance the influence and reputation of Snow Bamboo International in domestic and even international markets, and truly become "China's first brand of underwear fashion."

The pace of fashion never stop, the pace of chasing fashion is also accelerating, Snow Bamboo will lead you to show fashion, create brilliant!

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