EU force silk women, zero investment risk, your investment is the best choice

Oliver OLISI women's brand will be targeted consumer groups locked in the 25-45 years old, free from the edge of the modern family personality, advocating nature, the pursuit of taste and full of taste of elegant women. Oliver OLISI women's wear brand with high-tech new fabrics, firmly grasp the latest fashion trends and into the design, through simple lines and embroidery and lace and cleverly conceived the details of the concept, the clothing and natural qualities and fabric texture combination of concise , Fashion to create a beautiful woman and sexy.

Consumers positioning: middle-class women, stable and abundant material income, the spirit of the higher desire of the ideal, easily identified brand loyalty.
Personality: abandon the sense of insecurity of avant-garde and experimentalism and advocate nature and humanity. Have a sense of belonging to the culture, self-evaluation belongs to the elite taste genus, but at the same time have a strong personality requirements.
Aesthetic: fashion and nature have a keen sense of power. This creates a feeling of fashion and personal maturity. Vulnerable to infection is the easiest to agree with the intangible image of the value of a consumer group.
Image: extremely concerned about the image, appropriate attention to fashion. For the combination of the two have a stable choice of principle.
Occupation: senior office administrators, professional managers, self-employed, freelancers and other non-professional women who have a stable and profitable source of income.

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