Affbebe and Disney together to help the brand make new leap

Winnie the Pooh is the world's second largest cartoon star of Disney Company. Dongguan Abu Beibei Shoes Co., Ltd. joined hands with Disney in 2012 to become a Winnie the Pooh children's cloth shoes in the Chinese mainland region (code 12cm -22cm) Designated dealer responsible for R&D, production and sales of Winnie the Pooh brand children's shoes.

Dongguan Abu Beibei Footwear Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Hangzhou Afu Children's Products Co., Ltd., founded in 1998. The company aims to "make comfortable shoes and take a healthy path". It focuses on preschool age 0-7 years old. Children's shoes design, research and development, production and sales of more than 10 years; children's shoes design, research and development, production, packaging, delivery, after-sales and other strict compliance with the ISO quality management system standards; is one of the leading children's shoes manufacturers and distributors. It owns such well-known children's shoes brands as "Afubeibei" and "Piggy Run". The cooperation with Winnie the Pooh, through the strong joint efforts to build brand awareness and reputation. It will also further solidify the leading position of Affbebe and Piggy Run brand in the children's footwear industry and promote a significant increase in terminal sales.

Winnie the Pooh brand children's shoes will be an international brand strategy to improve the intimate human services, to provide Chinese children with safety, health, environmental protection and fashion, highlighting the personality of the product. In the product development line, cloth shoes as the leading, will continue to use the good part of Affbebe and Piggy run brand, the appearance of the main highlights from the United States Disney's second-largest brand Winnie Pooh's pattern image, with different performance The technique is embodied in the product. The functional and environmental protection is the key to product development. The love and care for children is passed to every child through the product. The optimistic and innocent Winnie the Pooh grows up happily with the children and helps the mother and child family in China to build. A safer, healthier and more elegant baby-rearing lifestyle will give Chinese babies a superbly fashionable childlike lifestyle.

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