Beauty island underwear Shenzhen Songgang Luotian store grand opening

Beauty island underwear Shenzhen Songgang Luotian store grand opening it! Welcome new and old customers to buy! Shenzhen Beauty Island underwear Co., Ltd. was established in 2005, is a collection research and development underwear design, production and sales, joining services in one of the large-scale chain Monopoly-based enterprises. The company owns underwear brands such as Colorful Beauty Island, Pink Memory, Romantic Beauty Island, Color Pose Qi and LIRENDAO. Its products cover bras, underwear, body suit, home wear, thermal underwear, camisole and hosiery.


Over the past five years, with the joint efforts of all staff, nearly 200 fashion underwear chain stores have been set up in more than 30 cities nationwide. The company has more than one thousand employees, not only has the traditional basic production equipment, but also from Taiwan, Germany, Italy and other places to import world-class advanced production equipment and has attracted many professional and technical personnel and management personnel, established Improve the quality management system, become the largest and most professional large-scale fashion lingerie chain one of the enterprises.

Over the years, the company adhering to the "low price, high quality, customer first" service concept, with great concentration on business innovation, the first 19 yuan parity underwear chain mode, ending the lucrative era of underwear in the country set off an upsurge of buying panic, by million Thousands of fashionable women sought after, continue to create a sales miracle. Small profits but quick turnover of the chain model to bring a huge sales, to achieve the absolute advantage of low-cost products, so that the entire system to a healthy operation.


Beauty Island underwear is cheap, stylish, comfortable, the quality of the endorsement, the company pursued the perfect combination of low prices and high quality, refused to low-cost low-quality speculative management, business objectives and purpose is to establish a unified, orderly, stable and healthy development National chain store, and plans in 3-5 years, "join the beauty Island, to create a win-win" principle, the development of direct sales stores, franchise stores and franchise chain of more than 1,000, to achieve leaps and bounds Expected goals.

Looking to the future, the Beauty Island underwear will continue to "parity, fashion, comfort, quality," the concept of continuous introduction of new products and continuously enhance the core competitiveness of the brand, for Chinese women to bring more both high-end quality and taste of elegant parity of health Underwear, so that more fashion beauty beauty women to share beauty Island life.

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