A Jie Boni 2012 winter children's wear trend conference ended successfully

June 9, 2012, A Jie Boni 2012 winter children's wear trends conference and product orders will be held in Zhuji City, from all over the country terminal agents and provincial agencies and Zhuji leaders at all levels attended the event. With the theme of "Creating a new era of time for Argebbony, a new future", the conference focused on the theme of "Creating a New Space" for the 2012 winter clothing theme. TimeWalker tells the story of the children growing up in their ignorance and their dreams And longing for the trip. Time Traveler - tells the time travelers who have the time machine and the adventurous traveler, who will carefully collect the scenery collected in each time trip, and gradually make the fashion element in the laboratory. Ajie Boni 2012 winter fabrics to cotton-based, to join the British style grid, stripes and dyed patterns dyed lines, with metal buttons and other accessories. Exquisite and atmospheric. In terms of color matching, the typical colors of British aristocrats such as navy, red, and beige are enabled, with particular emphasis on the coordination of the details of the style and color, and more emphasis on the coordination between the brand's passing color and the popular color. Wings on the logo theme LOGO design, exquisite and lively. Bear UFO large area printing patterns, highlighting the theme, giving children unlimited reverie of space ... Created · New Space - tells the time after the baptism of a group of new generation, their winter clothing is three-dimensional, deconstruction, Filled with the elements of the future, more creative use of Japanese and Korean style popular design elements, the bold opening season adult popular fabrics, pay more attention to the fabric with knitting, chiffon, fur stitching each other, reflecting the sense of clothing and three-dimensional sense. The black, dark green, magenta, khaki and other colors as the basic color system, using a three-dimensional cutting and functional structure of the innovative version of the trend of keeping up with the international fashion to the traditional children's dress concept to bring fresh breath. The fashion conference, the company also invited well-known lecturers in the apparel industry for nearly a thousand from all over the country terminal operators and provincial agents conducted a "scientific order, the success of the grip" training for everyone to teach the profitability of the road, after After a two-day static order, after all the company's hard work and all over the terminal, agents, people from all walks of life with the help and help of A Jie Boni 2012 winter children's clothing trend conference and ordering will be completed successfully.

Embroidery jewelry
Embroidery As a common Chinese art, then embroidery jewelry hope you can love and accept.
Embroidery relies on a pair of industrious hands to run a small but comfortable life, compete with the world, hard life.
"Far from the noise and impetuous" handmade works
In recent years, the economic development has enriched the spiritual life of people and also stimulated people's cultural pursuit. Jewelry art has also been given more meaning: In addition to decorative features, consumers want it to carry more humanistic atmosphere.

Today's recommended embroidery jewelry, full of visual impact hit the color, water chestnut distinct geometry, unique and have charm.


The artistic charm of ethnic embroidery in the jewelry package design, showing the beauty of art and national beauty.


Embroidery pieces can not be copied to determine each of the embroidery accessories are absolutely isolated goods, each embroidery worker's different personality traits for each piece of embroidery bring a different aesthetic, free combination of patterns, the color of the jump The highlight of jewelry.


Embroidery jewelry on the embroidery itself, it has been with a strong Chinese style, can not help but think of the association of Eastern flavor. The oriental flavor we need is a piece of jewelry that gives us a taste of ourselves and reflects the spirit of China. Instead of simply imitating the West in both modern art jewelery and modern jewelry, we should use the artistic conception of China to replace the formal beauty of the West. Instead, we should let the West flaunt our Chinese style.
Now many young people, perhaps because of love, perhaps because of the trend, the pursuit of retro art fan, like to wear vintage retro and wear some retro accessories, although the retro Van is still very avant-garde.

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