Children's series of children's water full care of children's health

Children's clothing products to ethnic, environmental protection, vitality, technology, fashion design. Fabrics to environmentally friendly and comfortable cotton, linen, silk and other natural textiles, comprehensive care of children's health. Water children's clothing summer new Water children's children's series inspired by the children's exploration of the unknown and a strong thirst for knowledge, the future of everything in the constant challenge themselves, everything is possible. "Water Boy" brand style, not assertive but there is no lack of fashion, practical and can meet the children's needs for all the dress, the brand has always been to accompany the healthy growth of children's good partners! Over the past 10 years, the aquatic children wear summer new products through the joint efforts of leaders and employees of aquatic children, "Aqua" has grown to become the first in Beijing sales, the nation's second-tier sales of well-known children's clothing brand in major cities in the country have 200 Over the mall counters and stores. In order to accelerate the pace of marching into the international market, in the recent two years, the company has been strengthening its cooperation with the world's top children's clothing entities and cooperating with the world's leading apparel design institutes to integrate apparel design, image display, production technology, fabric development and marketing Synergy, making our clothes full of Chinese style, and this style to the world. As a "famous trademark in Beijing" and "China's top ten children's wear brands," Water Boy, with its simple and generous design style, incorporates the elements of fashion and delicate details to cover all the splendid aspects of urban life , And comfortable wearing experience and high cost, over the years in the minds of consumers to establish a good brand image.

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