ziotello Jie Tai Lai Men Shijiazhuang, Hebei store gorgeous open

Simple yet elegant decoration style, showing the latest autumn and winter 2013 store products, as if exposure to the latest fashion show, it is unforgettable! Are you still worried about the choice of dress? ! Shijiazhuang friends, ziotello first world shop has been officially opened slightly, hurry to pick it! Address in Chang'an District, Shijiazhuang City, Zhongshan Road 326, 3F men's leisure area. ZIOTELLO brand was born at the end of the last century in Milan, Italy, genius designer MatteodeGennaro constantly thinking about the definition of updated clothing, and ultimately he found that all the great works of the world need to constantly review the internal audit, accumulated experience, and ultimately he originally Name your child ZIOTELLO as your own men's brand, which means he treats the brand as much as his own child. Because of this, after time sharpening, the number of boutiques has spread throughout Italy. In 2011, Shanghai Jielai Garments Co., Ltd. was introduced into China. In 2012, the brand stores settled on the 5th floor of Shanghai Jiuguang, marking the official launch of ZIOTELLO Men's Fashion Men's Wear in China.

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