Congratulations ladies era Xinjiang new store is about to open soon

Not long ago, the ladies era successfully signed a contract store in Kashi, Xinjiang, and now again came the news of opening a new store in Xinjiang, Aksu shop in the era of ladies successfully signed, is about to open! Ladies era women can be opened within a short time many stores, the news is really exciting. Lady ladies era by the majority of the franchisee pro-Lai and grace, ladies era will certainly do better and better, and now also entered the fast lane of brand development.


Ladies fashion brand women's clothing inspired by the trendy women's fashion brand in Asia trendy style, is a pursuit of fashion, highlighting the personality, integration into the forefront of fashion in China's urban fashion ladies fashion brand . The main style is fashion, the public, Korean version, ladies.

祝贺淑女时代新疆又一新店签约 即将开业

Ladies era Advocate the "fast fashion" development model: top outstanding design strength, keeping up with the fashion trend, the speed of new products to the store to stimulate exciting those who are hungry for fashion, but do not have the ability to consume high-end luxury brands often consumption The needs of the people.

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