Jade bracelet a price and maintenance

As the price of jadeite keeps on record, the price of jade bracelets, especially jade bracelets, has also risen. Under the influence of the economic crisis and the inflation crisis, more and more collectors are also aiming at the noble jade, but to remind the vast number of non-professional jade lovers, the price of jade bracelets is affected by many factors, and Now the jade bracelet market is also a mixed bag, so be careful when buying.

Jade bracelet a price and maintenance

Jade is divided into a cargo and B, C goods, jade bracelet a cargo price and C cargo price and even the price difference is huge, may reach hundreds of times. Some market experts said that some merchants adhere to the principle of "don't ask, don't say", resulting in at least 60% of the buyers in the market buy B and C goods at the price of jade bracelets because they don't know how to do it. And the merchants sell C goods as A goods, the price is 20,000 yuan, and then make a big fold, even if only sell 10,000 yuan, in fact, they also earned a hand - because its cost price may not even 50 yuan.

In fact, there are many factors that determine the value of jadeite. It is often difficult for collectors who are new to the market to take care of themselves. In fact, the most important factor in the distance of the jadeite is only three points: color, smoothness and permeability. The remaining factors, such as the sense of hierarchy, the level of craftsmanship, etc., have little effect on the value of jadeite. Ordinary people may not be able to distinguish clearly, and do not care too much. The reason why the price of the jade bracelet is high is mainly because its ingredients are natural and the variety is excellent.

Regarding the maintenance of the jade bracelet, some jade lovers may put the jade bracelet in the jewelry box without wearing it because the jade bracelet is relatively high. In fact, the maintenance cheats of the jade bracelet are actually worn frequently. Put the jade bracelet in the box for a long time, and the jade bracelet will "water loss" dry for a long time. As the saying goes, people raise jade for three years, and jade raises a person's life, which means to wear it often.

The price of jade bracelets will be very different because of the quality of the styles, but now the market price is also more than 10,000. I hope that the majority of collectors can choose the jade bracelet that they like.

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