Female underwear wash wearing common sense

Women should not wear underwear more than 12 hours? Research shows that often sleeping with a brassiere can easily lead to breast cancer. The researchers conducted a survey of more than 4,700 women for two and a half years and found that wearing bras for more than 12 hours a day was 21 times more likely to have breast cancer than those who were wearing shorter ones; Of people, this figure will jump to 113 times. Bra will oppression in the breast lymph nodes, making the toxins produced here is not easy to discharge, over time will be cancerous. Besides, most bra made of chemical fiber, chemical fiber toxic and harmful substances will also bring adverse breast stimulation, long-term wear chemical fiber bra, is undoubtedly an important factor in promoting breast cancer. How to choose the size of underwear, Le closer to the more effective? Underwear size table Different from the different body curves, due to imperfect curve causes and characteristics vary, the solution must be the right medicine, too tight bra will make the breast deformation, the upper body will make people breathe Difficulty, and even lead to "green blood disease." Do not wear a small chest chest? Whether you are A Cup Taiping Princess, or the D Cup's proud Pa boss, the breast is a fat as the main component of the organ. Any movement that causes chatter means that the suspensory ligament needs to withstand the weight of the breast every few seconds. Therefore, the bra is essential for every woman's wardrobe. Pregnancy, breast enlargement should pay more attention to changes in body, timely update your bra. Underwear can be washed with a washing machine? Underwear do not put the washing machine wash. Washing underwear is knowledgeable, good underwear is best to use hand wash, especially with steel wire or underwear, do not use the washing machine or dehydration, it will make your underwear serious deformation, will also damage the material. And in the washing machine stirring, friction in the process, the clothes on the bacteria, color, falling fibers, inevitably mutual pollution.

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