Warmly celebrate the four seasons bear children's shoes stationed in Guangzhou High German exchange

Hong Kong Four Seasons Bear children's shoes High Tak store on June 29, 2013 grand opening in Guangzhou Huangcun. Opening day, attracting a large number of people come to buy, both brand image or product, have been unanimously approved by the vast number of consumers, in this warm congratulations, and I wish Yancheng store business is booming, Caijin Guangjin! Four seasons bear children's shoes to show the fashion, leisure perfect combination of the concept of professional to ensure the healthy growth of children's feet and R & D design, suitable for children aged 1-13. High-end brand positioning, price mid-range custom, welcomed by the vast number of consumers. Four Seasons bear since 17 years, has been a cartoon character, honest and kind, lively and courageous, clever and happy to help others image.

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Leather Strap Fittings

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