Super Elf children's wear always concerned about the health of children's lives

The future of children's health needs more attention Children are the motherland's future. All care for children, ability to make children healthy growth, ability to complete a very good Chinese dream. Care should be from the basic necessities of life, playful learning and so on, in the meantime, a particularly important aspect is that children's clothing. A "good" children's wear, not only requires a stylish version of the design avant-garde, but also the demand for superior quality, fabric health. Super elf children's wear, it does both. It is reported that super elf children's wear brand was founded in 2004, is the precursor of China's children's wear industry, with the domestic first-class product development and production of intermediate production. Since the establishment of the brand, after a long period of endeavor, it has won a lot of proud achievements in the field of children's wear. It has won many honors such as "Famous Trademark of Guangzhou" and "Famous Export Brand of China", making it a competitive outlet for Chinese children's shopping mall And the reputation of children's products national brand. And this all, inseparable from the Guangzhou Small Crystal Fashion Co., Ltd. for their children's clothing products, the stringent demand. So, super-elves on the quality of children's clothing with what kind of strict demand? Reporter was informed that many super-elven children's children's clothing products use a lot of high-tech green natural cotton - without chemical treatment, production and processing aspects are strictly controlled the target of harmful substances to avoid the harmful substances that may damage the formation of children's bodies , Better care of children's soft skin. It is understood that children's clothing containing too much chemicals, may affect the child's skin lead to atopic dermatitis, eczema and impact of allergic reactions. Children's clothing brand to carry out, quality is a question that can not be ignored. Super Elf has long recognized this. Brand to "high-quality, high yield, high control, high management, high personnel," the implementation of standards, all promoted to Super Elf children's wear quality; together, through the "multi-test, multi-pumping, Quality, guaranteed to reach the highest quality. In addition, super-elf children's wear has also been increasing technical efforts, improve skills, version, technology, quality needs, to ensure production quality and quantity. Just as Super Elf Kids' brand promise promises: Adhere to formaldehyde-free products. It is by virtue of the strict control of the quality and quantity of children's wear, super-elf children's clothing is a step by step to seize the industrial quality control point.

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