Art Space (T-YSKJ) Women's embroidery Taiwan's another "wonderful work"

Already own the "Jintai embroidery" luxury pajamas Zhejiang Taixiu Clothing Co., Ltd., was born with a "wonderful" artistic style of women's brand art space ( T-YSKJ ). It is inspired by architectural space to create a three-dimensional dressing experience, T-YSKJ that clothing is not only refers to the clothes, more often in an art form to show, the Chinese traditional art of hand embroidery into To the production of clothing, let the atmosphere of art wrapped around the whole body and mind.


艺术空间(T-YSKJ)女装  台绣旗下的又一个“奇葩”

艺术空间(T-YSKJ)女装  台绣旗下的又一个“奇葩”

Worship of artistic space (T-YSKJ) Women's grasp of color and control of the details are extremely delicate, do not want to loopholes in the details affect the whole work of art taste, "there is fine only gold" and only In the details of the more refined, in order to produce the same gold will glow works. Designers of the Art Space (T-YSKJ) womenswear have integrated the concept of architectural structuring with contemporary art, resulting in cross-border creations that bring out the most distinctive and visually stunning impact.