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According to the consumer report on the Chinese children's market, the growth rate of urban children's clothing consumption in China is about 34.5% and the growth rate of toy consumption is 40%. The demand for children's clothing for 0- to 16-year-olds reached 1.2 billion pieces in 2011; China's toy sales in more than 100 billion yuan. This shows the great potential of the Chinese children's market. Children's products, children's retail, children's experience is on the rise. Children's wear, children's wear brands and other consumer spending power grows day by day, the quality of life requirements are also rising, with changes in the structure of household consumption, children's discourse is more and more important in the consumption of parents have a very Great influence. In order to meet the needs of today's consumers, some children's clothing brands also set up their own brands around. The facilities in the living museum are like a miniature amusement park that provides children one-stop entertainment, shopping and experience. Betty lamb shop, not only fashion clothing, but also children's happy paradise. According to the survey, 90% of households in China's newly-structured families account for 30% of the total consumption, so that one-third of the family's consumption is children's consumption. With the rapid maturity of children's clusters, gradually, children's theme activities will be the future development of children's clothing brand. The output value of children's primary clusters has reached 500 billion yuan and has been increasing by 20% -25% annually, driving the rapid development of the industry. The rapid growth at the same time, the children's wear brands know that the brand differentiation, specialization, in order to make more consumers more dependent on them. It is to see such a market, Betty lamb has also been sought after franchisees, competing to join. Betty Lamb integration of international fashion factor, avant-garde design avant-garde, fine workmanship, colorful, healthy and environmentally friendly, but has a low-priced luxury brand image has been the favorite of consumers and advocates.

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