How to care for your baby's sleep

For babies, the younger the age, the more sleep time they need each day. In general, infants within 6 months sleep about 15-20 hours a day; infants from June to December sleep about 15-16 hours. In order to ensure adequate sleep for the baby, the home textile brand Violet reminds you to pay attention to the following points:

How to care for your baby's sleep

1. Suitable quilts for infants should be selected with new cotton wadding that is soft and ventilated. In addition, the thickness needs to be selected according to the season. Towels, small towels, bath towels, etc. are available in summer.

2, scientific choice of baby pillows a good baby pillow, not only high and low, soft and hardness is also appropriate.

3, keep the baby's good sleeping position There are 3 kinds of baby sleeping posture: supine, prone and side lying. Before the baby does not turn over, the sleeping position can only be chosen by the parents. For babies, no matter which posture, as long as it does not last for a long time, it will not have a great impact on physical development. However, if it is often a posture in one direction, it is easy to cause the baby's head, oblique head and the like to occur.

4, do not sleep with the baby sleep is a physiological function of the body to eliminate fatigue, for the baby also contribute to the body's growth and development. Therefore, parents can't let their children get used to sleeping under the condition of additional conditions, such as sleeping, shaking their children, sleeping, etc., and forming a habit in the long run. Once they leave the mother's arms, the children will not sleep. Can fall asleep. This will not only make the children's energy and time, but also prevent the child from resting when they are tired, affecting their growth and development. (Violet Home Textile Tips)

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