VISCAP2012 nude color wear winter clothing fresh wear out of style ladies

VISCAP dedicated to city aristocrats to withstand the classic time baptism, both keen avant-garde fashion trend of bold people, or the pursuit of the top big-name fashion nobility, are able to VISCAP fashion art world, to find the exclusive style. Without gorgeous rhetoric and dazzling touches, VISCAP is dedicated to using stitches and threads to tell the story behind every piece of exquisite fashion.


Cotton disk flower wrap dress both sexy and ladylike style, the existence of flu fur vest so that the overall LOOK render neat sense.

VISCAP2012裸色系冬装 穿出清爽穿出名媛味

Nude color is the theme of this dress color, lace jacket with layered skirt coupled with a sense of warm feather jacket, so cool on the winter out of the street.

This is a type of yarn dyed fabric, its special is using the material of polyester shrinkage yarn, which makes the designs more vivid and the fabric touching special.

We start this fabric from the beginning of 2015, more than one year past, it still very popular with the customers, especially for American and European markets. Now, under this type of fabric, we nearly have 20 patterns, each pattern including 7-8 colors.

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