The millennial heritage of the long history of Chinese jewelry

"The 21st century is China's century." Investment tycoon Rogers once sighed in the nighttime splendour of Shanghai. For jewellery, we believe that in a longer period of time, Chinese jewellery will carry the eternal culture of the millennium and the legendary creativity to lead the world, so that the whole earth can sing in the red of China. .

Fashion master Armani said, “China is a place full of amazing magic, she has surpassed our wildest dreams.” Just as we look up to the beauty of Western jewellery, we don’t know that Western jewelers’ eyes have already been directed across the ocean. The mysterious country - China, the far-reaching culture here, the humanities legend here, the mysterious totem here, the traditional crafts here... have all been wonderfully legendary, especially under the wonderful light of the East Sun. Eye-catching.

When the earth is still in a barbaric, the Xinglong Culture of 8000 years ago has already begun to make nephrite earrings for decoration, and has begun a long journey of Chinese jewelry represented by jade culture. Since then, the Chinese jewellery carrying the 5,000-year civilization of China began to perform exclusive dance on the planet, and the sleeves of the swaying are full of jade-colored millennium. Whether it is the ordinary people or the emperor, the jade is always the theme of the history of Chinese jewelry. At the same time, the exquisite and skilled jade processing technology has become the best carrier of the grand jade culture.

Putting down the jade in the blue color of the inheritance review, we will find that our nation is full of the love of life--a metal, a stone, can be transformed into a beautiful and beautiful jewelry under the hands of skilled craftsmen. As early as 2000 years ago, in the Han Dynasty, there was already a magical craft that even made people stunned today – filigree inlays, a beautiful filigree inlaid jewels enough to eclipse the six-claw inlaid diamond ring. It is no wonder that Italian famous literary critic Cesare Brandi will say: China is not the moon, but it is always far away.

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