Yi Bei boutique children's clothing exquisite fashion personality design

EBOBE Yi Bei children's wear Italian luxury unique personality design, high-quality natural materials to join the creativity of color will art and play together as one! EBOBE Yibei children's clothing suitable for children aged 5-15 large children, the target consumer group for the pursuit of health, quality-oriented consumers. EBOBE children's wear exquisite fashion children's clothing brand EBOBE was born in 1999, has been the innovative concept of Italian luxury, unique personality design and high quality natural material by the pursuit of health, quality-oriented people's favorite. LOGO formed by four puppies means that we are an honest, united, positive and creative children's clothing brand. Since its inception, YiBei Children's Wear has implemented a comprehensive brand strategy. After years of operation, it has formed a large-scale, systematic and professional mode of operation. YiBei Children's Wear has become popular among consumers and has become a well-known consumer One of the children's wear brand. The company has a marketing headquarters in Shanghai, in Beijing, Chengdu, Jinan, Shenyang and many other cities set up their own counters and offices. Franchise stores, distributors and other marketing outlets throughout the country, has opened stores throughout the country, counters up to more than 200. Yi Bei children's clothing chain management success of the successful experience of high quality and stable product quality, brand promotion mode of operation and professional norms of professional operation, to bring healthy consumer shopping and consumer enjoyment, thus widely consumers.

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