Brand women at 3 o'clock show the unique elegance of contemporary women

A moment, a moment, a moment, a moment, a future.

" 3 o'clock " is the designer and designer of Beijing Jing Wu Feiyan Garment Co., Ltd. Brand concerned about the mental and physical age 30-55-year-old urban women, concerned about the most comfortable wearing experience. Let discerning intellectuals feel comfortable, calmly interpret the different roles in life, to show the unique independence, elegance and excellence of contemporary women.


"Finding the complete self" is the "3 o'clock" brand culture concept. Promote the brand is to promote a way of life, the culture and apparel products effectively blend, is "3 o'clock" brand promotion. In the commercial market of many mature women's brands , "3 o'clock" focused on target customers and deepened the product's "mashup" function, rapidly growing with its unruly brand image and precise brand positioning.

3时品牌女装 展现当代女性特有的独立优雅

"Love and trust" is "3 o'clock" of corporate culture. On the way forward, "3 o'clock" always pays attention to employees and cultivates valuable people for enterprises and the society. It pays close attention to cooperative enterprises and partners with raw material suppliers, franchisees, agents, media and other industries to build an industry-optimized Business cooperation platform and the most benign business chain; return the community, accumulate strength, so that people living around and better.

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