What to do with clothes mold easy to remove clothes mold

How do winter clothes have mildew, 趁 趁 趁 趁 趁 趁 趁 趁 趁 趁 , , , , , , , 发现 发现 发现 发现 发现 发现 发现 发现 ? ? ?? ! The Xiaobian of the World Factory Network has compiled a method for removing moldy spots for everyone. It is easy to remove the moldy spots and take a look.

There are mildew spots on the clothes. If you want to remove moldy spots, you must first distinguish what the cloth is. The different clothes have moldy spots. The removal method is not the same. The world factory Xiaobian will talk to you about different clothes. The removal method.

In the winter, the cotton clothes have mold because the clothes are placed in a relatively humid place. You can use a few green bean sprouts, rub it repeatedly in a moldy place, and then wash it with clean water. The moldy spots will be removed. This is a way to remove mildew from cotton clothes.

There are mold removal methods for woolen clothes:

First put your clothes in the sun for a few hours, dry them, and brush them gently with a brush. If the clothes cause mold due to oil, sweat, you can use soft brush to pick up some gasoline repeatedly brushing in the moldy place, and then use a clean towel repeatedly wipe several times, put it in a ventilated place to dry.

Silk clothes have mold removal method:

Dip the clothes into the water and scrub them with a brush. If there are many moldy spots and they are very heavy, you can apply 5% light rash on the moldy spot, stop for 3-5 minutes, and then rinse off with clean water. The appearance of moldy spots on white silk clothes, with 50% alcohol solution, repeated scrubbing several times, will quickly remove mold.

Leather clothes have mold removal method:

You can use a towel to dip some soapy water, repeatedly wipe, remove the dirt, immediately scrub with water, then dry, and then coated with a layer of jacket oil.

Fiber clothing mold removal method:

Scrub the brush with some thick soapy water and rinse again with warm water to remove the mold.

The above is the way the world's factory Xiaobian organizes different clothes for everyone. There are different ways to remove the clothes when they have to remove molds. We hope to help you in daily life.

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