HONEY ME Ai Mei Li elegant temperament of women's elegant harmony

HONEY ME women's clothing , in the mature intellectual transmission of youthful and sweet details, the basic line of elegance, the art of the image of the performance of light; simple show natural luxury, exquisite elegance, closer to the Chinese women with a smooth and harmonious body .


Slightly open hem to better highlight the waist line, soft fur collar so that your beautiful neck from the invasion of the wind, metal drops bow and cuffs fungus air highlight the delicate details

HONEY ME艾玫丽女装  高贵和谐的气质中体现优雅

Leopard I do not know since damp people's favorite, sexy with a little wild taste, cortex stitching make the whole dress more gorgeous

HONEY ME advocates that women discover themselves, show themselves, enjoy themselves and love themselves. And find out what you really want inside the heart of happiness, happiness and true love, she contains a taste of fashion and elegant attitude, but also contains the attitude towards life.

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