Bid farewell to the dark urban wardrobe to create the most IN winter style

Clouds want clothes to spend. Chasing fashion, beyond the popular is the dream of many urban women. Fashion aesthetic has been guiding the direction of women's lives, urban wardrobe for the pursuit of romance, fashion, Xianshu, elegant and capable women and design, creating a romantic, stylish, elegant beauty. Urban wardrobe 2012 autumn and winter, the use of high-grade imported fabrics, fresh and beautiful colors, delicate texture and soft, in line with the trend of the match brings you the bright winter mood, bid farewell to the dim, to create stylish people!


Wool vest and sweater in the winter can be described as a golden partner, black lotus leaf edge so tenderness is more distributed a sexy black metal waistband full of full-featured, with orange wool to create the most IN winter style!

告别暗淡 城市衣柜打造冬季最IN造型

Winter down jacket is too bloated, you want to warm fashion, cotton coat is the best choice for the sun yellow, crisscross pressure, easy to take, necking the design will be carried out in the end warm,

告别暗淡 城市衣柜打造冬季最IN造型

Red hair can best embellished the festive atmosphere at the end of the year, the black scarf clever with the classic and stylish, double-breasted indispensable, cuffs ring buckle, so that the overall dress more handsome and elegant.

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