Dong Wei: University graduated from the Nangong stall to sell stones (3)

At the beginning of the stall, in order to attract people, Dong Wei brought a very beautiful jade Guan Gong pendant, and was later stolen! "When I went to the bathroom, I asked my friends to take care of me. I have no more to return. I said that someone has adjusted the tiger to the mountain and found that it has been stolen by others. The price of the lost pendant is not low. I sold a lot of specimens from the university. I got a little bit of gain. Under the anger and anger, I broke my other thing. But I think the impulse is not the devil. It is the devil who expects the unscrupulous and unruly people."

Through the stalls, Dong Wei met friends from all walks of life who love minerals and stones. There are journalists, nurses, bank staff, cultural relics repairers, university lecturers... The commonality of these friends is: like minerals, like stones , love the natural sciences. "I am a jeweler. I have a special liking for minerals. Now I am a mineral control. I can't put it down when I see beautiful mineral crystals. I am very happy to meet friends who like me. After all, I like minerals. There aren't many people who know minerals and collect minerals. Sometimes, he also exchanges collections with others.

The youngest fan Dong Wei has ever encountered is a third-grade boy. He came to his booth almost every weekend for half a day. Asking Dong asked West, Dong Wei simply sent a small piece of mineral crystal to him. . The child's joy and excitement reminded him of his childhood. "I am very happy to see such children. They must be more knowledgeable and more effective than those of us who are really in contact with minerals at the university." It is most happy to set up a business and sell a stone, but to Dong Wei. It is a complex taste, and his stone story is too much.

Dong Wei’s collections were purchased from other places (not produced locally in Shanxi). A mineral or a piece of jewellery is always a kind of emotion when you buy it. Because you like it, because you appreciate it, you only accept it, protect it in layers, and bring it back in a thousand miles. Especially those unique mineral crystals and engravings, these things are difficult to copy, can not find the same, he was reluctant to buy when he was bought, I wonder if it can meet similar, I do not know how it will pass the new owner The hand twirling again. It can be said that every piece of mineral crystal, every piece of gems, contains a story of knowing, cherishing, and protecting. "However, in our small circle, the most relished stories should be missed again and again, beautiful missed. Anyone can say 'I have encountered a good baby, because some kind of The reason is missed, and now I regret it is hard to find the same kind of story, and then become a good memory in a friend's teasing and laughter. Whether it is jewelry or collecting mineral crystals, beautiful miss is an eternal theme. ."

Therefore, Dong Wei gave a small suggestion to all the love stone people: like to take a picture, leave a photo or not, you may not have the same, you will not be too sorry to see it, let alone photos can be enjoyed Not a pleasure. "On the other hand, Nangong Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, can also be deceived about porcelain, woodcarving, coins, stamps, and knowing nothing, but I am very happy to gain some basic knowledge."

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