Can smell the lobular rosewood? real or fake?


The lobular rosewood is getting more and more fire, and the fake imitations are endless! The taste can also recognize the lobular rosewood! This is the most direct and effective way! The simplest way to distinguish the blood sandalwood and the lobular rosewood in Zambia is to burn it directly with a lighter. The real red sandalwood tastes very good and has a hint of sandalwood.

Blood sandalwood is taste almost the same as burning ordinary wood.

Red rosewood is sour and sour, it is easy to distinguish.

The scent of large-leaf rosewood is also the closest to lobular rosewood, with a slightly sour scent and resembles lobular rosewood. However, from the visual effect, the new cut surface is orange-red, and the oxidation rate is much faster than that of the small leaf rosewood. The brown eyes are thick, thick and straight. Seeing some friends here must say that the beloved beads in my hand are a pity.

Teach everyone a little trick, there are needles in the house, burn red with a lighter, you can smell the smell of burning wood when you stick in the hole of the beads. Neither hurt the beloved bead string and get the result. If the smell is not obvious, you can do it several times in the same position. Remember to use tweezers to guard against burns.

I hope this method is useful to everyone!

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