VISCAP Wei Sikai fashion women will be "naked" color in the end

Sexy woman is not a small black skirt, stockings, hollow lace so simple, the most natural color of a woman is the most original definition of the temptation; season VISCAP Wei Sikai women , still continue the nude color of love .

In the VISCAP women's style, the most attractive nude color is the light fabric, minimalist style, soft lines, in line with the aesthetic principles and the visual philosophy of the structure ratio, under the nude color package, the temptation is not And then aggressive, sexy is no longer fatal, but can use imagination to get close.

In 2012, the fashion queen Fan Bingbing portrait franchise VISCAP Wei Sikai, many envy envy endless. Fan Bingbing no doubt in the fashion industry's status and influence, every red carpet on the stunning appearance will win widespread praise and hot, she almost become the vane of fashion trends. Fan Bingbing was also greatly surprised to receive VISCAP Wei Sikai's "naked" costume because the effect of nude color far exceeded the expectations of the fashion queen.

This autumn and winter doomed to be simple, nude color in the end, perhaps you will become another fashion queen.




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