Turquoise old goods market performed better

Hetian jade soared all the way, this kind of market has also driven up the prices of other types of jade. After a long period of low-key performance, Turquoise began to increase prices.

Turquoise is named for its color and green pinecone. It is one of the rare precious stones in the world. It is one of the four famous jades of jade. It is a high-quality jade material. Auspicious and happy relics. In the increasingly popular opportunity for jade products, turquoise has slowly appreciated in the pursuit of a growing population and there is still a lot of room for growth.

At the time of the soaring price of turquoise, its market performance also has its own rules, turquoise old goods are more liked by consumers. The average collector knows that the collection of old turquoise is obviously more profitable than that of the new turquoise, and the jade products with national characteristics are more than double the price. Since the market is more reflective of the old turquoise than the new ones, the old Turquoise collectors are wary of it. But on the whole, falsification is not very embarrassing. Turquoise identification can also be understood after learning. Whilst turquoise prices have not risen sharply, collections may be the time.

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