Three realms of sales

[China Glass Network] Content Guide: Sales, many people in the world are doing, but each person's effect is different, the results are different, how to sell, which is an important factor in the success or failure of sales. The following is mainly about the three realms of sales.

The realm of survival in the three realms of sales. Most of the Sales belong to this stage. The reason that the so-called "social reasons lead these Sales to live for survival" is irresponsible. The real reason is that they are at the level of survival, so they are led to them. The stage of survival in life. They don't know how to think, let alone skills.

They didn't wear the shoes on the football field. They only knew how to run towards the ball, but they never got the ball.

The three realms of life in the realm of life: it is not very difficult to change from the realm of living to the realm of life. Finding your own field and understanding and working hard can enter the local circle. Sales at this level have solved the problem of purpose: no longer regard customers as monthly living expenses, but treat them as friends, know how to help their customers solve problems, and they also subtly summarize in the process of contacting customers. Some basic skills, such as analyzing your own products or services, communicating with customers, etc., but these skills are obtained from experience, not systematic, just quantitative. Just because they are familiar with the rules of the circle, there are many customers and friends, so they can control the source and even the well-being.

If you put these still owed Sales on the football field, you can see a lot of funny things: some Sales are running around with the ball in the opponent's penalty area, they just don't shoot, some just got in the second half. The ball is a long-range shot of 100 meters, and some of them are attacking from their own restricted area to the opponent's restricted area.

The realm of life in three realms of sales: The goal of Sales at the level of life is not to develop customers into friends of wine and meat, but to interact at the level of life. I don't know if you have had such an experience: someone is very good, has a high level, and you really want to associate with him; or someone has a plain but very connotation, and it is natural for you to communicate with him and learn a lot! Sales in the realm of life, in addition to business dealings with customers, there are more other exchanges, such as gossip, personal career design, industry, funny mail, etc.; at the same time, life level Sales has a qualitative improvement in sales skills: accurate analysis The products or services that you want to sell, find selling points, find out the weaknesses of competitors and products, effectively analyze customer methods, customer management, resource utilization, communication skills, etc., will not be confined to a circle, can quickly integrate into a new The circle is more than enough. Jumping from the realm of life to the realm of life requires aura!

We like Beckham, Rivaldo, because they can play the fascinating football regardless of the team, regardless of the home game!

There are many reasons for deciding the realm. Maybe your old bean is a nouveau riche, old bean is an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, you have the temperament of aristocracy; maybe you are the crystallization of the marriage of Manchu, you have 260 IQ; maybe you use Dabao in the morning and evening, It’s getting a good skin now... but these only show that your card is good and the starting point is high. It doesn’t mean you must win first. The key is that you improve your speed, and the improvement of the realm is also skillful, depending on your understanding of sales.

Your heart, your goal determines what kind of realm you are in. It is not easy to be a master of sales. I hope that by introducing these three realms, I can help everyone, and I hope that everyone will succeed soon.

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