Sweater chain can not be taken according to sweater style to choose

As the weather gets colder, MM also wear a warm sweater, this time for the bump shape, we will most likely choose a sweater chain to match, but the sweater chain is not easy to take, but also according to style Oh! If it is like this itself with a shirt collar sweater, you can choose a double short sweater chain to match, making the overall shape more pick. Of course, if your sweater chain has enough to steal the spotlight, then choose a single layer is enough, like this tassel design this year, special fire yo! If it is a round neck sweater, then choose an exaggerated sweater chain to embellishment, so that ordinary round neck becomes extraordinary. You can also choose the same color sweater chain with the sweater to match, giving a very strong sense of unity, as shown in the figure with a white sweater chain with a white sweater gives the feeling is very pure. Furry sweater looks cute, feels comfortable, soft to wear, can no longer love, you want to match it, of course, choose a pearl necklace, ladies atmosphere full.

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