2015 winter down jacket 2015 winter down jacket new series

I heard that the country will have to cool down next week, Xiaobian really worried at this time. In front of the coat has been constantly recommended to everyone, for a moment neglected to forget the recommended cold warm artifact: down jacket. In the winter of 2015, what styles of down jacket will be everyone's favorite?

Double Love

Some people say that after the winter wear down jacket, the whole person is not good, bloated look ugly. Xiaobian want to say is: If you wear on the body is bloated, can only say that you choose the wrong style. If you choose a slim down jacket, perhaps make your fashion more eye-catching too! Horizontal pressure-line design of the non-collar down, beige body covered in black placket, it is clever with solid color monotone. If you look carefully, you will find: trumpet sleeve! Reproduce the classic elements, do not suck the eyes are hard. This one with a knitted backing and leggings heels can be perfect out of the street.

2015冬日必败的羽绒服 2015冬季羽绒服新款系列

If you like fur collar, this feather may be your choice. Thick fur collar, looked very warm. This plush exists not only on the collar. Where the cuffs, but also to join it. In this one, there are slanting pockets to join, although not very classic, but it is also one of the classic. In the depth of winter to wear this one out of the street, warm fashion, you will like it?

Source: Double Love 2015 down new series

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