Diskin Kay women's spring new market in Shenzhen Longgang store spring clothing display with

Unknowingly has entered the March 啦 friends, an instant fashion brand to the spring new listing season, the new dress display design and collocation, in this special season, has become even more important. Whether it is a new kind of sample or window design, store display, need superb combination of methods to achieve the classification of new products integration, introduction, these most directly affect the sales performance.


迪斯廷·凯女装春季新品上市 深圳龙岗店春季服装陈列搭配

Diskin Kay fashion women's 2014 spring new has been fully listed, in the spring of 2014 display, Diskin Kay display designers have unique insights and creative ability to control, will be different styles, different colors, different Material clothing to their hands, through the rapid classification of the moment, a series of integration and color analysis, before the arrival of the sales season, they have developed a complete with the program friends. Then for everyone to introduce Diskin Kay Ladies Shenzhen Longgang shop spring with the display.

迪斯廷·凯女装春季新品上市 深圳龙岗店春季服装陈列搭配

These programs follow the major principles of display design collocation, namely: the same color with similar colors with matching colors, taking into account the excessive and convergence between different colors, to consider the fabric material, but also to compare the trend, zoom Season's popular elements, to enhance the fashion taste of the series of goods. At the same time these programs also show the different corporate culture and sales positioning of each brand, the latest fashion trends, the company's products become the earliest consumer-oriented spring.

迪斯廷·凯女装春季新品上市 深圳龙岗店春季服装陈列搭配 迪斯廷·凯女装春季新品上市 深圳龙岗店春季服装陈列搭配

A good match is equal to good sales, superb combination of practices not only to enhance the sales of a single product, but also improve the joint sales of products, thereby enhancing the sales performance of the entire store. Diskin Kay fashion women's unique display with a fully display Diskin Kay women's spring 2014 new unique charm, allowing consumers to more intuitive and comprehensive selection of products to give consumers a relaxed and comfortable shopping environment, but also Will provide more protection for the booming fireworks in the store at Diskin Kelonang. Diskin Kay · New 2014 spring and summer new products, look forward to your partner with you to go shopping!

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