The new small floral dress full of rich pastoral atmosphere

Good sunshine in spring and summer, and their good girlfriends with a parasol to walk in the park, is a very pleasant thing. In the park, there are playful children, kite-flying couples, elderly people snuggled up and passers-by in hurry. However, no fashion you charming eye-catching. Let's enjoy this wonderful moment together.


The park is full of natural atmosphere, picking a garden floral dress is very important. Look at how different items should be with it. The girl on the left is wearing pink orange and white stitching dress, young age. The following with a floral miniskirt, white lace embellishment, filling the sweet and playful range of children.

Next to the girls are dressed in the same color sleeveless floral skirt, pink belt outlined the waist, the woman's curve is very charming outline. Put on a white short coat of small incense wind, very temperament. Then with a pair of white sandals, very pastoral atmosphere. This dress is not very lovable it?

Picture from: Han Xuan Women