Cavalier men stationed in Wuxi Liangxi Wanda Department Store

Recently, after a tense preparation, K.eavalti menswear finally opened its doors in Wuxi Liangxi Wanda Department Store's fashion shop! Kavalier stationed in the Wanda Department Store men's district brought a beautiful fashion landscape, is also Kavalier strive to become the leading brand of Chinese men's brand, leading the fashion trend of a new step. Kavalti men's clothing (K.eavalti) cites the European design concept, combined with the elegant temperament of Asian men, the use of modern fashion fabrics, classic elements combined with stylish design methods, the combination of the dress code, reflecting the mature male modern " Yuppies "style. The overall style of positioning for the fashion business men's series. With Casual Casual Style as its design theme, innovation, fashion and comfort, focusing on the details of dress code is the brand style that mature men yearn for. With its excellent quality and subtle taste, it inadvertently reveals fashionable elements and elegant mature men's fashion The style is designed for men who love life, taste life, the pursuit of life, dress K.eavalti brand clothing, you will feel comfortable, free and easy, will bring you enthusiasm, make your life full of sunshine, so mature men's Dress when the preferred K.eavalti brand clothing line.

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